Logic will get you from A to B ; imagination will get you everywhere.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


We are committed to delivering the best performances, regardless of the type of service you select. We deliver the service that matches your shipment pattern. You determine the speed and price! Our on-line booking programme will automatically send you the delivery details of your shipment. Complete your booking now, and experience our service first hand!

Express excellent service

  • Speedy service
  • Next day delivery
  • Timeslot delivery
  • High quality/high service

Economy standard service

  • Less speedy service
  • No urgency, but important
  • Customized price
  • High quality/high service

Premium superior service

  • Before 9:00/10:00/12:00am
  • Same day delivery
  • On-board courier
  • Fast freight/ pallets
  • Tailor-made service

Medical & life science service

  • Dry ice shipments
  • Horse breeding shipments
  • Cord blood shipments

Due to the global pandemic, no fairs and seminars can take place.However, this does not mean that you cannot show your products and give your demonstration. X2X has developed a way with its customers, so that you can still reach your customers. X2X sends your products for your online presentation to your customer, anywhere in the world. After the presentation, we will pick up your products again or send them to your next customer. Contact us so that we can support you to reach your customers.

X2X Worldwide Express