Logic will get you from A to B ; imagination will get you everywhere.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Pharma & Life Sciences

2X Worldwide Express provides specialized logistic services dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Especially in Germany were we have over 300 offices we are able to deliver next day early morning or even on Saturday. We are even specialized in on the spot deliveries in hospitals and universities. Leaving from our Gateway Hub in Amsterdam or direct from the EDC of our client, X2X builts a client-centric approach. From there we have a direct infeed in our Germany Hub before midnight, so delivery can take place early nextday. In an industry where every moment matters we are committed to provide a tailored solution. And with our extended and flexible network it’s always possible to act rapidly in case a shipment needs to be returned or an other logistic solution is needed. X2X provides an excellent service by monitoring every shipment, from pickup to delivery and offers the highest standard possible.

X2X Worldwide Express